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  • Akeen Akan Aglass
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    My recommendation is about the mace shouldn’t be seen as a symbol of authority anymore in our type of legislative setting anymore. The nation’s “coat of arms” should replace the mace, the mace symbolized the sign of authority of a royal monarchy which the head of the highest office in the land is not democratically elected by the people.
    Another symbol of authority, should be when the Senate president,the deputy senate president, some key officers like the majority leader, committee heads etc, available then the proceeding of the day could commence, even without the presence of the minority leader, because he could be an opposing factor.

  • Kenn
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    I totally agree to reform in the legislature, even across the whole government.
    The coat of arms should be the symbol of authority, but ‘am not sure if our current crop of politicians won’t take advantage of your suggestion of the presence of key officers to kick off proceeding.

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